Positive Sleep Affirmations

10 Positive Sleep Affirmations for Anxiety and Insomnia

My sleep is sound and sweet. Strengthen your self-worth and boost your confidence with positive sleep affirmations.

These daily sleep affirmations can counter feelings of panic, anxiety, stress, and self-doubt. Try spending a few moments before bedtime to mediate on these positive affirmations for sleep.

Here are 11 Daily Affirmations for insomnia and sleep.

What Are Affirmations?

Affirmations are simply statements or phrases, which focus on the positive rather than the negative.

These mantras can actually reprogram your subconscious thinking and bring you a plethora of good benefits that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

Daily Affirmations for Sleep and Insomnia

You can come up with your own bedtime affirmations or use these ideas to incorporate positive affirmations for Sleep and Insomnia:

#1 Every night when I lay in bed, I close my eyes and allow peace to flow through my body like a serene brook.

#2 My sleep is sound and sweet. Sweet sleep comes easily to me because my mind is free from stress.

#3 At the end of the day, I pray, giving up control of all my fears. I release myself from worrisome thoughts. With all my might, I embrace the hand of safety, which carries me through the night.

#4 I fall asleep quickly without incessant tossing or turning. My sleep is profound and rejuvenating. In the morning, I wake up feeling refreshed because I get plenty of rest.

#5 Before going to bed, I stay away from coffee or other caffeinated beverages to safeguard my system. I eat dinner at least three hours before bed to give my stomach a chance to settle.

#6 My bedtime ritual includes a few moments of relaxation prior to going to bed. I listen to soft music, light my favorite scent, and meditate on my day. I turn the television off to keep myself from becoming tense.

#7 I use a white noise machine when I need a soothing sound to help me fall asleep. On nights when the environment is too loud, I wear earplugs to bed. I am willing to make any adjustment necessary to facilitate my sleep.

#8 My sleep environment is conducive to success. The temperature in my home is comfortable enough for me to sleep. My pillow, mattress, and bedding are perfect for my needs. I adjust the lighting in my room to keep it dark.

#9 I focus my mind on pleasant thoughts and allow my mind to drift off peacefully.

#10 Today, I choose to take time setting my room up for a better night’s sleep.

Positive Sleep Self-Reflection Questions

  • Do I feel comfortable in my bed?
  • What can I adjust in my environment so I can sleep better?
  • Why is it important to watch what I eat before bed?

About the Author: Amy Delaney

Hello! I'm Amy Delaney. I am a motivational coach who believes in the power of positive thinking to accomplish anything you want in life! I believe that our thoughts create our reality and if we think happy thoughts, then we will become happier people. It's your choice whether you're going to be happy or not, so why not choose happiness?

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