Frankincense Essential Oil Toner Recipe

Frankincense Essential Oil Toner Recipe with Witch Hazel

Frankincense essential oil has amazing skin renewing properties, add it to alcohol free witch hazel and you have a simple but effective homemade facial toner recipe.

You can use this recipe as an essential oil spray by adding it to a spray bottle for easy application, just spritz on your face after washing it. Alternatively, you can add to a glass bottle and use with a cotton ball.

frankincense essential oil toner

DIY Frankincense Essential Oil Toner with Witch Hazel

Here are the ingredients you will need for this essential oil blend:

  • 5 drops Frankincense essential oil
  • 1/4 cup Alcohol Free Witch Hazel
  • 2 oz Glass Spray Bottle

How to Make Frankincense Essential Oil Toner

Here are the step to create the essential oil recipe:

Step 1: Gather ingredients for facial toner.

Step 2: Add witch hazel and essential oil to the spray bottle.

Step 3: Swirl the bottle to mix the ingredients together.

Step 4: Add spray top and label bottle with contents. Best to use within one month.

Step 5: To use, shake well and then spray on freshly cleaned face. Alternatively, you can spray on a cotton pad and then use on your face.

Essential Oil Substitutions

-You can substitute frankincense with lavender or geranium essential oil, both are great for skin as well.

-Use tea tree essential oil for acne prone skin.

-Enjoy the benefits of diffuser blends with frankincense to enhance your wellness.

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